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(Formerly Brilliant TV Premium)
Live in victory with God, no matter what life throws your way. 
Our hands-on live programs are crafted to equip you with simple, everyday tools that will enable you to thrive in any situation and see immediate breakthroughs in your relationship with God.
Try BrilliantLife now for only $79
$79 monthly or pay up front $797 and never pay again! 
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1) Twice Annual 12-Week Coaching Sprints
(Spring and Fall each year)
Twice a year, join a 12-week sprint with Theresa Cooke & Jenny Taylor in a thriving community! These encouraging and uplifting group sessions are designed to... 

Help you get unstuck, say goodbye to limiting beliefs, upgrade your mindset and identity, and empower you with practical keys and tools you can use EVERY day!
2) Monthly Watch Parties
(MontHLY outside of sprints)
To further deepen your learning and growth in Jesus, join us for monthly live Brilliant TV episode watch parties.

After viewing the episode together, we will discuss key points, ask questions, and share in a virtual group setting. In a year’s time, you’ll have risen victorious over negative thinking, learned to walk with God at the next level, found security in hearing the voice of God, and have a confidence and clarity in Him you’ve never experienced before!

2023 Year at a Glance:
  March, April, May
12-Week Coaching Sprints (group calls meet weekly on Tuesdays at 10am Pacific)
  JuNe, July, August
Watch parties! (1 per month)
Focus: Brilliant Thinking & Overcoming Mindsets
12-Week Coaching Sprints (group calls meet weekly on Tuesdays at 10am Pacific)
Watch parties! (1 per month)
Focus: Brilliant Thinking & Overcoming Mindsets
Plus exclusive bonus content:
Behind-the-Scenes + Bonus Content!
BrilliantLife members can also attend extra behind-the-scenes sessions during live events, interact with bonus content, get sneak peeks at upcoming new products and series, and hop on live calls with Graham and the Brilliant Team. 
Try it now for only $79
$79 monthly or pay up front $797 and never pay again! 
PLUS: Family Membership!
This membership automatically includes access for both you, your spouse, and your immediate family members.  
What is the difference between Brilliant TV and Brilliant Life? 


$20/mo or $397 one-time Lifetime payment
  • Over 50 mentoring series, conferences and events. (Over 450 videos!)
  • Community Forum


$79/mo or $797 one-time Lifetime payment
  • Includes Brilliant TV Library
  • Live, guided learning and teaching!
  • Q&A sessions and extra content
  • Twice Annual 12-Week Coaching Sprints (Join spring & fall sessions, watch replays, participate in live calls for each sprint!)
  • Family Coaching (Between Brilliant Life sessions, monthly sessions for Women, Men, Parenting and more!)
  • Text & Email Coaching Reminders
  • ​Family Membership (automatically includes access for both you, your spouse, and your immediate family members!)
Try it now for only $79
$79 monthly or pay up front $797 and never pay again! 
Do you want more support in your spiritual growth and learning? 
Join a movement of believers who are experiencing daily breakthrough with live, interactive heart-learning.
All-Access Pass to Brilliant Coaching
If you’re the kind of person who does better when you...

… have a coach,

… accountability,

… or learn better in a group with live instruction,

...then Brilliant Life might be your next step! Our live programs are hand-crafted to equip you with simple, everyday tools that will enable you to thrive in any situation.
Now, with one membership, enjoy access to: 
1.  Hands-on guided learning sessions in two 12-week coaching sprints ($2,991 value).
2. Monthly Family Coaching 
3.  Free replays ($432 value)
4. Family Membership.
5. 60+ Series on Brilliant TV ($2,220 value).

For one low, monthly price (or pay once and join for life!). 
(Cancel any time)
Try it now for only $79
$79 monthly or pay up front $797 and never pay again! 
Experience the power of God as you thrive in every circumstance – even when everything is against you.

Enjoy the confidence that comes from seeing the weakest areas in your life transform into the most powerful.
Register by July 25th and RSVP to attend a members-only session on Mondaywith Graham and Dionne!
LIVE SESSION: Monday, July 26th at 10am, Pacific.
All Brilliant TV Premium members will receive an automatic RSVP to attend a private session after our July Brilliant live event with Graham Cooke and Dionne van Zyl. Get an inside look at the future of Brilliant and take a sneak peek at what's ahead for fall 2022. 
"I'm thankful for the 'lived experience' of the Brilliant team; scripture-based; the breadth of teaching; the amazing people whose hearts are steadfastly fixed on loving the Lord. I could go on!"
Community Member
"I love the team who deliver Impartation and the practical ideas to apply God's thoughts and character to our daily lives to see real transformation. ❤️"
Brilliant Life Member
"I appreciate the heart and intentionality of the team members, the beautiful time of sharing exchanges, the intentional way of building on the content and unpacking it at each meeting."
Brilliant Life Member
Brilliant Life FAQ's
  • ​What is Brilliant Life? Brilliant Life is a single monthly subscription, that will give you access Brilliant TV & Coaching! Includes the entire Brilliant TV library, including 60+ video series AND of our live coaching sprints and extras! 
  • Is this a recurring subscription? Yes, if you select the $79/mo option you will create a monthly, automatically recurring subscription. You can cancel anytime! If you prefer, Brilliant Life can also be purchased as one lifetime payment.
  • ​​What if I am already a BTV member? For existing monthly BTV members who choose to upgrade, this membership will replace your current membership at the time of your purchase. 
  • When are the coaching sessions? Sessions are scheduled twice annually in sprints of 12 weeks on Tuesdays at 10am. (See the community schedules for dates and times).
  • Some programs may already be in session. Members can watch replays to catch up or jump on to live calls. Community portals will have scheduled events and Zoom links within 24 hours of each event. Members will also be sent reminder emails for scheduled coaching calls.
  • What is the coaching format? Sessions will be hosted on Live group Zoom calls. Attending live on the Zoom app from a computer or mobile phone is required. This is a private and safe environment to process and grow together.
  • ​What will the coaching experience be like? Imagine an extended family Zoom call with Team Brilliant.
  • ​​Will I be on camera or mic? We encourage all members to join on mic and camera with Team Brilliant. These are discussions so come ready to participate!
  • ​​What if I change my mind? If you decide that Brilliant Life isn't for you, you can cancel anytime!
Live each day powerfully rooted in God’s love, favor, and blessing, no matter what life throws at you.

Receive easy tools that will help you exchange negativity or worry in mere moments, for security and peace.
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