Monthly Gatherings

WHEN: First Monday of each month @ 5pm Pacific on Zoom.

Join us as we gather to equip and release Kingdom Activators into their communities and families and connect with other like-minded believers!

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Join the Church

Our monthly gatherings can serve as your home church family or as a perfect complement to your current local church gatherings. 

As a thank you to all monthly giving members (of any amount), please enjoy free access to our Brilliant Life Coaching calls, family life workshops, and our entire Brilliant Training Library (over 500+ videos, topical series, conference recordings, and events!)

Monthly giving tells us you support Brilliant Church and lets us connect you with opportunities for community growth with small groups!


Why a church?

Giving Jesus the Bride He deserves.

After working in ministry for over 40 years, we’ve encountered the same theme over and over: there are people in the Kingdom of God who desire to be different, who want to be significant, and have the desire to turn the world upside down.

These are Kingdom Activators.

My team and I have created this family of believers to be the place where we can all experience Kingdom transformation together.

Join us on this journey. 

I would love to see you inside!

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